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THE International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) - EYFs & The INTERNATIONAL PRIMARY CURRICULUM (IPC) - KS1 & KS2


The teaching of the Arts Subjects (Art, Music, and Drama), Humanities (History, Geographyand Science are all linked to the IEYC and IPC. This means that each term, a different Project is chosen and these areas approached via The IPC. Click here to watch a video about the IPC at Green Dragon.

To find out more about The IPC please on the links below. Thank you.

The IPC Homepage About the IPC The IEYC Homepage About the IEYC  

Knowledge Organisers & EYFS PARENT LEAFLETS

  • Brain Wave

    Wow oh wow everyone at GD now knows so much about their brain, how it works, how to keep it safe and how to train it to make it even better than it is at the moment.  Did you know that your brain is a muscle and that you can train it to make it grow?
    We use different parts of our brain to do different things – ask your child about this – they know!
    Children’s brains need fresh water, at least 10 hours sleep a night and nutritious food to keep them healthy and active.  All of our brains need regular exercise to keep them working well – crosswords, puzzles and board games are great brain exercise!

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