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The Green Dragon Primary School Council

    ‘Every child has a Voice’

    Each year voting takes place in every classroom, for the children who have campaigned to be elected to the School Council.

    All our School Council members understand how the School Council can impact upon a wide range of areas within the school environment and learning.

    Our Councillors know that they are all part of the school team, and want the same thing - for the school to be a great place to learn.

  • What is a School Council?

    A School Council is a group of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their School.

  • What does it do?

    A School Council meets (with one of our Deputy Heads) to discuss and sort out problems and ideas. These may include school lunches, behaviour, business plans or ideas for fundraising events. Members of the School Council will be responsible for carrying out ideas that they have agreed, such as planning charity events, School workshops, meeting with Governors or other communities, putting forward views of other children in the School.

    • An effective school council has benefits for everyone in the school, regardless of their role.
    • Understanding that the school council is how pupils communicate with the school staff team.
  • What jobs are there?

    Each year, every class elects two representatives to be members of the School Council.

  • What makes a good School Council?

    A good School Council is one that represents the views of the children and gets things done. These are some of the things that make our School Council effective:-

    • Regular meetings (fortnightly).
    • Good communication between Representatives and their class.
    • Smaller groups (sub-committees) working on specific events or issues.
  • Do they get things done?

    Good School Councils do get things done – our examples include: -

    • Improved playground and field equipment.
    • Healthy eating choices and menus
    • New toilets
  • What is the School Council history?

    School Councils have been around for about 40 years, but now with PSHE being taught, there are much more around. The School Council plays a very important role in School life. They attend regular meetings and discuss important issues which may affect the pupils, staff, and parents of Green Dragon Primary School and the surrounding community. Minutes are recorded by the elected Council Secretary.

The School Councillors are supported by both Ms. Buck, Ms Pinkney (Deputy Head) and Ms. O'Hara (Headteacher).

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