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It is every parents/carer’s responsibility to make sure that their child is wearing the correct Green Dragon uniform every day. 

Please make sure that your child has the correct school uniform every day. Tops with hoods are not allowed.  All children must wear plain black shoes – no boots or any white soles, white lines etc.  No haircut should be shorter than a grade 3, no tram lines are allowed.

Uniform – Now Online!!!

Please click here to be directed to School Bells  if you would like to buy a jumper, cardigan or book bag.

Uniform at our school is very important. 

Remember, girls must wear school shoes NOT boots. If you would like your child to wear boots to school, please send their school shoes too. 

Additionally, we expect to see every child wearing a green jumper – next time you buy a new jumper, please make sure it is green - thank you.

Lip balms
We have seen a small increase in lip balms in school. Please make sure that if your child needs lip balm, it is given to their class teacher to look after during the day so that it is not lost. Alternatively, it is kept in their coat pocket or bag. We have reminded the children that it is not to be used during lesson time.
Lip gloss is not allowed.

Children should not bring toys in from home.

  • Uniform must be:
    • Shoes:  plain black – no white sole, no logos, no coloured laces. Children can wear boots to school and in the playground but must change into shoes in the classroom.
    • Bottom:  plain black or grey school trousers, dress or skirt (no tracksuit bottoms please)
    • Socks/tights:  plain black, white or grey
    • Top:  a plain white shirt or polo shirt, a Green Dragon sweatshirt or cardigan
    • Hijab:  plain green, black, grey or white – no patterns or jewels, please
    • Hair:  please make sure hair is tied up and if your child has a long ponytail that it is plaited.  This stops the spread of nits and reduces the risk of hair getting caught up.

    School uniform does not include boots. Boots and wellington boots can be worn to school during bad weather, however, the child is expected to change into appropriate school shoes ready to start their lessons on time.  Names in all boots and shoes, please.  

    • Black or grey trousers, skirt or dress
    • Plain white shirt, t-shirt or polo shirt
    • Green Dragon sweatshirt or cardigan
    • Plain black trainers or shoes
    • Black or grey school shorts, skirt or dress or green & white summer dress
    • Plain white shirt, t-shirt or polo shirt
    • Green Dragon sweatshirt or cardigan
    • White or brown trainers or shoes - no open toe sandals or flip-flop style sandals 

    Sun cream and hats:  Please make sure that you have put sun cream on your child’s face, arms and legs and that they have a cap on school every day.  Even if it looks overcast in the morning it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • P.E. Kits

    Children wear their PE kits to school on their PE days.

    They should wear:

    • Black shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms
    • Plain white t-shirt (not vests)
    • Black plimsolls or trainers
    • School jumper or cardigan

     Names in all kits please.


    Names in everything please:    Please spend some time over half term checking the names in your child’s clothes.  Please re-write them if they have faded or smudged in the wash.  Please label trousers/skirts, gloves, hats, coats, t-shirts – anything your child could possibly take off in school.  Without names we cannot return the piles of lost property that we find in school every day!  Please also return to school any items that you discover your child has accidentally worn home that does not belong to them. 

    Do you feel frustrated when your child/ren keep losing or misplacing their fleece or school clothes?

    Brilliant name labels for all of your school items.

    STIKINS ® are name labels for clothes, shoes, and all school items. Tens of thousands of UK parents have ordered these labels from us since 2004.

    TRONS ® are iron on labels for clothes supplied to parents who prefer this kind of label.

    All orders are despatched within three working days.

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    School Council carried out a survey amongst pupils and staff earlier this year to find out whether people wanted book bags with straps and whether staff felt they were a practical idea. We are delighted to announce that these new book bags are now for sale at the office for £7 each. This is the cost price. We have ordered 100. If they prove popular (and sturdy) we will continue to stock them. Let us know your opinion of them. 

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